Coud Computing

Coud Computing

IT is changing!  Businesses that once depended entirely on IT to deliver services are transitioning to a mix of internal IT and
external service providers to meet the demands of their business.   Organizations from small startups to large global enterprises
look to the cloud provider for IT services, there are key areas which should be reviewed and questions which should be asked to
ensure a successful cloud service experience.

We offer services ranging from planning, development, implementation and transformation support. In addition to preparing
legacy infrastructure for migration to cloud computing.  We are already helping clients conduct Cloud readiness assessments
and evaluations

Private Cloud

  • Fewer security concerns as existing data center security stays in place.
  • IT organization retains control over data center.
  • Ideal for: Companies that want to leverage cloud efficiency and flexibility while protecting sensitive data
    and proprietary information.

  • Public Cloud

  • Low investment: pay for what you use
  • Flexibility and scalability with performance and reliability
  • Easy and inexpensive set-up,can be resized in seconds and managed remotely
  • Ideal for: Agile environments and requirement may vary over period of time. Limited resources to maintain
    the infrastructure.
  • Hybrid Cloud

  • Operational flexibility: run mission critical on private cloud, dev/test on public cloud
  • Keep each aspect at your business in the most efficient environment possible with Hybrid Cloud computing
  • Ideal for: Companies want to leverage efficiency and flexibility of Public cloud while protecting security of sensitive data.
  • Deploying Datamach solutions enables your business to gain fast, economical access to Datamach’s
    enterprise-class technology, eliminate the overhead required to expand your current infrastructure, and leverage the economies
    of scale inherent in cloud computing – all while maintaining the highest levels of security, reliability and scalability.

    By allowing us to host your Datamach solution in a private cloud, you can:

    • Reduce costs. Avoid capital expenditures and high up-front hardware and software costs.
    • Speed implementation and focus on your core competencies. Free your organization from complex, time-consuming IT
      functions. Let the experts configure and manage the infrastructure to meet your business needs.
    • Improve reliability and performance. Our private cloud solutions are optimized through our data center partners, to ensure
      minimal latency, comply with data residency rules, and to meet your security and performance needs. With over 99% uptime,
      24x7 global support, and real-time system monitoring, you gain the reliability you need to support your business.
    • Take advantage of flexible processing, storage and deployment capabilities. You can easily scale your Datamach private
      cloud solutions to accommodate changing traffic volumes. Or, as your business needs change, you can migrate solutions
      in-house for closer integration with on-premise enterprise applications.
    • Easily expand your trading community. Add Datamach Community Management to manage your growing community, add
      new partners, and better enable small partners.
    • Get immediate access to innovation. Centralized updates mean you always have access to the very latest features,
      patches and upgrades.

    By 2015, 25% of SMBs will utilize cloud-based storage services as an alternative to the cost and complexity of software-based backup and restore. - Gartner

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