Simplifying the Transition from Traditional to Virtual Server Environments

Virtualization offers the tantalizing promise of lower costs, a better carbon footprint, and greater flexibility for your IT environment. But getting from here to there is no walk in the park. Datamach provides the equipment and the expertise to get you there virtually worry-free.

IT Infrastructure Virtualization

Datamach specializes in the creation, maintenance, and development of virtual environments. With hardware partners including Dell, HP, EMC, and IBM and software expertise whether it be VMware, Microsoft HyperV, or Linux, Datamach has got you covered. Don’t risk the heart of your IT. At Datamach, our experts have got you covered.

Our portfolio of IT infrastructure virtualization solutions include:

  • Planning and design
  • Datamach meets with you to conduct a service evaluation meeting, which includes a review of the project scope and alignment with your operational and business goals and requirements. We will thoroughly analyze your IT site and environment in order to recommend a new design for your VMware environment or to validate an existing VMware infrastructure. We will perform several planning sessions, define common risks and appropriate mitigation and escalation procedures, and also understand your storage volume structure before implementing the design.

  • Implementation and testing
  • The Datamach team delivers the installation and configuration of your virtual technology (VMware vSphere™, VMware vCenter™, ESX™ Servers, Clusters, and other components) and tests for the success of the implementation. Our professionals go through testing methodologies to ensure an accurate installation and configuration until you are completely satisfied with the performance of your virtual infrastructure. We validate your VMware ESX Cluster failover functionality as well as the implementation of VMware Virtual Center VMotion™. We also offer a three-day VMware Infrastructure JumpStart workshop to train and educate your team on your newly installed virtual infrastructure.

  • Project turnover
  • Upon conclusion of the service delivery, a final Functional Overview is conducted to ensure smooth and efficient performance of your virtual infrastructure.

Our virtualization architects will help develop the right virtualization solution for your environment. Contact us today!

Average company doesn't utilize 28% of storage capacity but nonetheless plans to increase storage capacity by 34% over the next year. -  IDG Survey

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