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Where are you in your career journey - Beginner? Experienced? Seasoned professional? At Datamach, you will come face to
face with a bouquet of opportunities. Your tasks will challenge your abilities and force you to come out of the mould, constantly
pushing you to achieve more.

We’re expanding rapidly around the globe, resolving new problems for clients, and opening new frontiers to explore. We're always
looking for how clients can create more innovative ways of doing business… leverage advanced technologies.

Our clients truly appreciate what we do. They value the business-technology insights and capabilities we deliver to their
organizations. Our clients are our partners in innovation and we have grown with them.

Here are some of the benefits we offer our employees: Datamach, apart from being a preferred workplace owing to its
career-enhancement potential, also draws talented individuals thanks to its vast range of employee benefits that are designed to
maximize job satisfaction. We consider our people to be the source of our energy. Our benefits are generous and personalized,
and are designed to ensure that our employees are healthy and happy while they contribute to the achievement of organizational
goals and objectives.

Full-time Employment Benefits Summary

We recognize, value, and appreciate hard work, commitment, and loyalty of our full-time employees. Below is the list of benefits
offered to our full-time employees:

Health Care
We pay 80% of our employees' health care premiums under Datamach coverage. Our health care coverage is one of the best in
the industry.

We pay 80% of our employees' dental premiums under Datamach coverage.

Life & Accidental Death Insurance
We pay 80% of our employees' life & accidental premiums.

Short-term (90 day) Disability Insurance
We pay 80% of our employees' Short-term Disability premiums.

Paid Time Off (PTO)
Every one year worked with Datamach accrues 10 days of paid holiday.

Paid Sick Leave
Every two months worked with Datamach accrues 1 day of sick leave.

Holidays - Long weekends
Our employees typically do not work on Federal holidays (barring client’s request); allowing long weekends to be spent with
family and friends, and doing short trips.

We reimburse employees for up to 3% of their yearly salaries for any tuition fees paid at an accredited college or university.

Whenever project work permits, we allow and encourage employees to work flexible hours. It is  also driven by client’s
requirement or expectation.

Flexible Timings
Whenever project work permits, we allow and encourage employees to work flexible hours. It is also driven by client’s
requirement or expectation.

Volunteer Community / Public / Church Service
We encourage community / public / church service for our employees, and allow two days off per year in addition to PTO
for such service.

We allow 10 additional holidays for sabbaticals for every four years worked with Datamach.

We offer relocation assistance.

Visa Sponsorship - International Candidates
We offer H1B visa sponsorship for our International Candidates.

Green Card Sponsorship - International Employees
We consider Green Card sponsorship for our International Employees after one year of service with Datamach.

Stock Options
We offer stock options to our employees.

We offer employees to participate in 401K on pretax basis subject to IRS regulations, and match contribution up to 6% of
employee’s eligible compensation with a cap of $3,000 per year.

For employees who spend over 20+ years of their lives with us, we offer retirement benefits after the age of 62.

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